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Blockchain Consultancy Services

Blockchain consultants at Glasban - identify, evaluate and develop the products with the potential of blockchain in different businesses. We always try to address and answer a very basic yet vital question - Do we need to implement blockchain technology in a particular business?


Blockchain Consultancy In Brief

When a customer comes to a blockchain consulting company, they help him in and out with his product idea or the whole product.

We provide blockchain consultation right from the feasibility of your idea with the blockchain technology to select the ideal blockchain platform for your blockchain product development. Blockchain consulting is an integral part of the blockchain development ideation.

We suggest you the blockchain permission, platform feasible with your use case.

Blockchain permission can be of three types:

1. Public Blockchain

Public blockchain protocols are not permissioned and open-source where anyone can get involved without permission. It allows anyone to download the code and launch a public node on their local device and participate in the consensus process. Anyone can send transactions through the network and view anonymous transactions on the public blockchain explorer.

2. Consortium Blockchain

As compared to the public blockchain, consortium blockchain does not allow anyone to participate in the process of verifying transactions. They provide transaction privacy and are quite faster. In consortium blockchain, the consensus process is managed by a pre-selected set of nodes. The right to view or read transactions can be public or restricted to participants of the network.

3. Private Blockchain

In private blockchain, read permissions can be public or restricted to some participants but write permissions are kept centralized to only one company. Example of such applications includes internal auditing or database management.


Before you think to build any blockchain solution for your business, you should select the right blockchain platform. Our expererienced blockchain and business domain experts can help you choose the same.

Team Glasban will help you to bring your Blockchain Ideas and Concepts to the real world.

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