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We can't help but innovate. That's what drives and defines us because we aim to deliver a tailored solution that has innovation at its core.

Quality Output

Each project has different goals and client requirement varies. We deliver quality output that passes through rigorous QA tests to ensure top-notch delivery.

Seamless Delivery

A successful project has timely deliverables attached to it. All these while keeping you updated with its status, scope control, and customer engagement.

Competitive Rates

No matter if it's a single job or working on a project portfolio, we are highly competitive. We even collaborate and co-create with startups.


End-to-End Solution For Your Challenges & Product Ideas

Welcome to Glasban - a team of creators, thinkers, explorers and executors. We provide it all you need for digital domination, under one expert roof!

We build IT and Digital products as well as solutions that partners with its clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses. We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our clients, comprehensive industry expertise and a global network of innovation and delivery centers

We are that partner you can count on for results-driven digital products and platforms... and we mean it! Glasban's approach comes in picture where we decisively take efforts to deliver solution that suites to your business, processes, targeted audiences and your unique requirements.

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Right from creating websites and mobile apps to scalable MVP for startups to cloud data solutions. Truly, one-stop-shop for all your technology needs.

Looking for ROI based IT solutions?

Well, your search is over. We are here to help, even partner with you!

Our Happy Clients

Our clients reivews explain - why they are happy!

A robust congratulations to the team at Glasban for a job well done. We have been trying to put together a functional web presence since quite a long. I am happy to say the Glasban team worked closely with us throughout the process, staying on task, on target, and on budget. I also appreciate their quick and courteous responses. I highly recommend their service!

Moya NeilsonCEO - CHBC

We thank Glasban for the wonderful job in helping us developing handful of web and mobile apps. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Munawar DossulCEO - Innotech UK

We are very happy with Glasban; very serious and consistent in their work. Their team of programmers have always been there for us all the time. This is a company we can recommend to anyone to perform any software development related work.

Team MonEflowPayment Gateway Provider - Europe and UK

I recently worked with Glasban, updating and completely overhauling our existing client ecommerce web stores. They made the whole process very easy and was very quick and efficient in his work. They are exceptional value for money for the service you receive and I would 100% recommend Glasban if you need any ecommerce related work, and I would not hesitate to work with them again in future.

Head of BusinessEcommerce Consultancy - EU Region

The wonderful team effort of Glasban helped me create new hopes for my industry. With their professionalism, prompt response and courteous service, I was able to design and develop wonderful web applications based on my concepts. I am looking forward to develop my next project with them. I truly am grateful for their presence in my professional life. Thank you to all of you.

CEOSoftware Product Company - USA

I would highly recommend Glasban. The team is extremely helpful throughout the process. Delighted with the design and layout.

Shekhar GundDirector - SG Aqua (UK)


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When is the time to start selling online?

The rise of the internet completely transformed entire buyer journey, creating research driven individuals who have a completely non-linear and unpredictable path to you. Suddenly the fact that there are no information about your business or that your products can't be ordered online makes much difference for a massive part of buyers – online shoppers. After everything we learned about how people interact with internet before finally making that buying decision, it's almost business suicide for any retailer not to sell online.

E-commerce development trends

The e-commerce industry is rapidly adopting technology to its advantage enabling different touchpoints throughout the shopping journey. As e-commerce is moving at a fast pace, online traders need to follow the latest innovations and trends to stay ahead in their business industry. Do you know? As per Statista research says the retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach the amount of $6.54 trillion in 2023. Moreover, if you are already running your e-commerce business then following these trends on your website can be beneficial for you.

React Native vs Flutter vs PWA: Trending mobile app frameworks

It is important for mobile application developers to work upon the latest technology trends as it can bring a lot of success to their business. To make it easy we will help you with frameworks that can just be the perfect choice for your application. Here we provide a quick comparison between PWA development, Flutter, and React Native on different parameters. This quick comparison will help you to identify which framework will be a top choice for mobile app development.

Looking for ROI based IT solutions?

Well, your search is over. We are here to help, even partner with you!